About us

Ash started Kraken Arb with a view to provide tree care as a priority. Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and operating in a large radius which includes across the S.Yorks and Notts borders. Our qualified, insured and competent team only work to the highest standards with the level of professionalism you would expect from someone you are trusting to work with your trees.

Our waste is not wasted! We support local people and organisations by donating the woodchip to animal sanctuaries, rescues, allotments, farms and liveries.

Tree planting

Planting trees is important to us. We can deal with the whole process, from the initial advice, sourcing quality local stock, planting and feeding, right up to the precious aftercare.

We replant a tree for every removal. You can choose to have this tree planted on your property, alternatively we have local partners who let us plant on their land.

If you'd also like to become a partner for replanting, please get in touch!


Sometimes trees need to be removed for a multitude of reasons. 

We can handle removals through various methods. From felling, climbing and dismantling, rigging and lowering techniques, elevated platforms and cranes. How we go about your tree will be discussed at quotation.

Arisings are removed from site to be repurposed and your property is always left as tidy as we find it.


Sometimes, all your trees need is a little bit of attention. A little maintenance can go a long way to extending the life of your trees. Deadwooding, thinning, crown lifts, overall reductions, they are all methods of maintaining a trees health and size.

We will give you all of the options so that you can choose something that benefits both you and the health of your trees.


Hedges are trees too! We can provide regular or one off trims, reductions, planting and removal.

Wildlife is important to us too. We always carry out a bird nesting survery to ensure we aren't disrupting an active nest before any work commences. So if removing  your hedge, please also consider the benefits of replanting with another suitable and manageable species that benefits our native wildlife the same way your old hedge would have.

Access Platforms

Tricky tree, hedge or ivy on the house? Well we might have a solution for that too. We can't always fell or climb something, especially if it's dangerous, so we use a MEWP to get us where we need to be.

We can fit through most standard garden gates and reach 20+ meters, making any works safer, faster and more efficient.

Stump Removal

The tree's gone and you're left with a stump? We can remove that too. With small machines for tight access and tracked machines for large and awkward stumps, we have something for every scenario, every garden and every stump. 


TPO applications, conservation areas and felling licences.

One of the hardest parts is knowing who to talk to, what to say or where to send it. We have many great relations with a lot of councils and even more experience filling out the relevant paperwork for tree related works.


We sell only the finest hardwood logs, cut to size, split, seasoned in our barn and nothing leaves the barn until it's ready!

80x80x80 Bag (0.51m³) - £80
100x100x100 Bag (1m³) - £150
Tipper Load (3m³) - £360

Free delivery within 10 miles and logs are tipped loose.

Contact us

07917 605906